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I'm so glad you're here. I hope we get to do business together soon.

Meet your photographer

Passion, humility, and dedication are just a few words that I live by. They sit right beside humor and adventure in a place very close to my heart.

Hi, i'm Justise. It's nice to meet you! I have grown up on the beautiful central coast of California. During my time here I have had many incredible opportunities to explore truly unique offerings around the area. I particularly enjoy the birds-eye views offered by countless hiking trails around the San Luis Obispo County, the rolling beaches nestled along highway 101, and the plentiful agriculture. Growing up in an area rich with agriculture has helped me develop a deeply rooted passion for the industry. A passion that led me straight to Cal Poly where I graduated with a B.S. Agricultural Communication.  I love the small town atmosphere and the tightly knitted community we have on the Central Coast. 

I would love to bring my passion into your photography!

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